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Overwatch fan project (C.T-12 Code Name Panther) by predman1227 Overwatch fan project (C.T-12 Code Name Panther) :iconpredman1227:predman1227 4 1 Cornered in the dark by predman1227 Cornered in the dark :iconpredman1227:predman1227 17 4
Halo The Chosen: Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Fool Hearty
Year: 2568
Time: 08:24pm
Location: Main Ice chamber
(Chackrol Roscal)
It had been many hours since Chackrol’s last beating and in that time the cold and his injuries had stiffened his battered, aching body. It was hard to breathe, as his breath would get painfully stuck in his chest whenever he tried to inhale too deep. They must have broken or fractured a few of his ribs and the fleshy side of his face was so swollen to a point it forced his eye shut. Good thing the other side of his face was mostly made of metal so that wasn’t as damaged, not that it mattered.
But my oh my, did he feel like a busted ripe fruit, he couldn’t even remember when he last ate, in fact he couldn’t remember what day it was. He hoped he didn’t have lasting brain damage. At least the ice wall he was clamped to numbed his aching body, though even that was starting to hurt, stabbing his dulled senses with microscopic needles.
“Why won’t they just k
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Those Sleepless Nights by predman1227 Those Sleepless Nights :iconpredman1227:predman1227 15 6 Intruder by predman1227 Intruder :iconpredman1227:predman1227 9 5 Neaola and Kitty by predman1227 Neaola and Kitty :iconpredman1227:predman1227 3 2 Light Bender by predman1227 Light Bender :iconpredman1227:predman1227 4 1 Nightblade by predman1227 Nightblade :iconpredman1227:predman1227 5 7 Protector by predman1227 Protector :iconpredman1227:predman1227 21 2 Assaultron Commando- Mod Concept by predman1227 Assaultron Commando- Mod Concept :iconpredman1227:predman1227 37 42
Cycle: Chapter 2
Cycle: Chapter 2
24th cycle, mid-season, a few moons later
She felt it was time.
While Velvet was playing with a doll made of twigs and grass fibbers, her Mother had stuck her head out of the den and was looking skyward. The sun’s cycle was coming to an end and it would be a few more moons before it would completely set and bring about the phase of darkness.
Now would the best time to take Velvet out of the den for the first time since she was born and expose her to the world, before the sun’s rest. It was also time to move to a new den, this one had proven itself in the past but its usefulness has come to an end. The location barely has enough food now, a lot of the animals living here have bizarrely disappeared and it was becoming almost impossible to feed herself and if she can’t find food, she couldn’t produce the protean extract Velvet needed to grow strong and fit.
It was time to leave for new pastures but she was concerned. She had been preparing her daug
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Fallout: Nature's Gears- Chapter 1
War, war never changes.
It’s an old saying, one that dates back to when humans first picked up a rock and used it to kill a fellow human over anything from breeding rights to control of territory. War, never changes, no matter the reason, war is all the same in the end.
Now life, now that’s another story entirely. Life, is constantly changing, evolving, and becoming something more than our insignificant minds could even begin to comprehend. Man always thought it had unravelled the answer to the ultimate question.
What is the meaning of life?
Through out human history, man always thought it had the answer, then suddenly realise that they had barely scratched life’s cosmic surface.
What did it mean, to be alive? What is the definition of living? Is it about being flesh and blood, having a brain, heart, lungs, liver, spleen and so on? Is nature life? Is it the only form of living?  
Man always likes thinks it knows everything. Then again, man always thought it was a
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New Friend by predman1227 New Friend :iconpredman1227:predman1227 5 3
Cycle: Chapter 1
Cycle: Chapter 1
24th cycle mid-season, 4winters later
Solar raise glimmered through the Sky Trees canopies, illuminating the shadowy land below. It had been four seasons since the Xie mother gave birth to new life and right now, she was on the hunt again, or at least was trying to.
She was perched on a high branch, watching the sky through the breaks in the Sky Trees, while the cilia on her dangling tail, scanned for life below. She was trying to judge the time by guessing the height of the sun, which was hard since she was below the treeline. Would have been easier if she was up there high in the great tree’s branches, but unfortunately she was stuck on the ground.
But the spot she was in gave her a good enough view that she judged it was at least the middle of the sun’s cycle. She had been gone for too long and she’d come across no prey so far. At least this sitting around helped her absorb the water in the air through the singular spiny  silver fins on the ba
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Velvet Pop by predman1227 Velvet Pop :iconpredman1227:predman1227 7 4
Cycle: Pro-log
Cycle: Pro-log:
20th cycle, season’s end
Silences captivated the cool, gentle breeze of the winter’s night air, soothing the bending, snaking trees that touched the violet sky with its peaceful songs. Sky Trees they were called, trees so massive some of their tops hid in the clouds itself.
At their thick roots lay a maze of underbrush and smaller trees that hid in the shadow of for-bares. But this jungle, normally filled with bright colourful plants, running rivers and all manner of life, was almost lifeless, rendered barren by winter’s icy chill. Only the most stubborn of plants and animals still clung to life here, feasting off of plants that knew not the stinging frost of death.
One such creature, stalked this slumbering land tonight, driven by a need so powerful that only one think could sate.
Fresh meat.
Prowling on all fours, with a two-meter long snake like body was a lone Xie female, her smooth jet-black skin reflecting the pale purple raise of the night sky,
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Overwatch fan project (C.T-12 Code Name Panther)
Part of an art project for a overwatch fan character of my own design and a type of character I think the game needs.

Her character sheet is a work in progress, that will detail her exact role as an overwatch character.
:HappyNewYear: HAPPY NEW YEAR:HappyNewYear: 
                      Hyped Rowlett 
Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages)                                    Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages) 

                   It has arrived 
Hello, this thing on?

I just realised I had this status thingy and I;m just trying it out.

Huh, this is actually pretty neatLlama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2]…
Hearthfire Souls Divided (COVER ART) by predman1227
It's not over till it's over.

This one's a little short, but a start…


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United Kingdom
I'm a man of many words and skills but I'm no pro and I don't see myself as higher than other people. I treat others with respect and in return I expect to be treated the same.
I aim to be happy and help others be happy too.

But I'm no flower, anger me and well it won't be pretty for the one that makes me angry.
Have a nice day now^^

Skills: Digital art, story writing, good at reading people and animation

Name: Zathar Reeta
Species: Yautja (Predator)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Mate: None at the moment LOL xD

Best Friends: :iconeroomally: and :iconlaw44444:

The predman Is awsome Stamp by athyn100



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